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Penn Spinfisher SSV


The Spinfisher series is already for more than 50 years the ultimate workhorse in the PENN range. In 2012 we have launched the new Spinfisher V series, stronger, smoother, a perfect drag system and fully sealed. For the first time Penn introduces the Spinfisher V Liveliner and the biggest reel ever, a size 10500 for extreme line capacity. The HT-100 Slammer Drag is very smooth and provides more pressure than before. Spinfisher V, stronger than ever.

  -  All metal frame, sideplate and rotor
  -  Thicker heavy duty bail wire adds strength and durability
  -  Sealed and oversized HT-100 Slammer drag system
  -  Infinite anti-reverse(back up ratcheton 7500-10500 sizes)
  -  Enhanced gear ratios on smaller sizes
  - Stainless steel mainshaft and alloy main gear
  -  Sealed body design
  -  Automatic bail trip system on all models
  -  Spool designed for mono and braid

Price: 94.99

Penn Fierce 2 5000


The PENN® Fierce II® offers dependability and unparalleled power at an affordable price. Its field-proven oiled-felt drag system is extremely reliable and has the muscle to tame fish. Featuring a Full Metal Body, stainless steel main shaft, thick aluminum bail wire, and braid ready spool the Fierce II was engineered to provide unwavering performance in the roughest conditions.

- Full Metal Body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads
- Machined and anodized aluminum spool
- Stainless steel main shaft 
- 4 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
- Instant Anti-Reverse bearing
- Machined and anodized aluminum handle with soft touch knob
Price: 99.99

The Ray Reaper Bait Pack


The Ray Reaper Bait Pack

This Monster bait pack is specifically targeted for those going out into the night to hunt for Ray's. As a bonus we will throw in a pack of Bio-Glow bait elastic for free.

Included in this offer you will receive
- 6 x Twin Bluey packs
- 6 x 1lb Bags of Dirty Squid
- 6 x Packs of Sandeels (2 large 4 small)

Normal price including delievery £75

All this delivered to your door for £60
Price: 60.00

Carp Starter Kit


Carp Starter Kit

All you need to get into Carp fishing

Included in this bundle:
- Unhooking mat
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Method Feeder and Mould
- Syntra Mainline
- Bite Alarm
- Bait Stops
- Safety Clips
- 2 x Hair rigs
- Glow in Dark Artificial Corn
- 2 x Back Lead
- Ledger Stops
- Baiting Needle Set
- Rig Tubing 
- Rear Rod Rest
- 3 x Ledger Weights 
- Method Feeder Cage 

All this would normally cost you nearly £70

In this deal you will get all this for £55 +P&P

And a FREE DVD  

Please note colours, sizes and brands may vary
Price: 55.00

Cod Squad Rig Kit


Cod Squad Rig Kit

All you need to make those Pulley Rigs for the Coddies.

Included in this pack:
- 2 x packs Pulley Beads
- 2 x packs of Swivel Links
- 70lb Asso Shock Leader
- 30lb Amenesia
- Swivels
- Pack of Beads
- 1 x Kamasan Uptide hooks
- 1 x Kamasan Short Shank hooks

Usual Price Around £25

All this gear for £20 and FREE Delivery

Please note Brands and sizes may vary

Price: 20.00

Flattie Finders Rig Kit


Flattie Finders Rig Kit

The Rig Kit you need to help you find those Flatties

Included in this pack:
- 2 x packs Hisashi Hooks
- Pack of Attractor Blades
- 2 x packs of Silicone Stops
- 3 x Turkana Leads
- Pack of Glow tubing
- Asso Super FLurocarbon line

Usual Price over £20 + Delivery

All this gear for £18 and FREE Delivery

Please note Brands, colours and sizes may vary

Price: 18.00

Float Fishing Starter Kit


Float Fishing Starter Kit 

All you need to get into Float fishing.

Included in this Bundle:
- Catapult
- Neoglow Maggots
- Depth Plumb
- Syntra Mainline
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Pack of floats
- Disgorger
- Maggot Feeder
- Splitshot
- Butterfly Rod Rest
- Butt Rod Rest
- Artifical Corn
- 2 packs of Kamasan B911
- Maggot/Bait box

All this would normally cost you in excess of £45.

With this offer it is £35 + p&p

Please note colours, size and brands may vary
Price: 35.00

Get Glowing Rig Kit


Get Glowing Rig Kit

All you need to make your rigs GLOW.

Included in this pack:
- BioGlow Bait Elastic
- Glow Rig Tubing
- 1 x Turkana Lead
- Pack of glowing beads
- Pack of Knot Cones
- Pack of Bonebass Sticks
- Glow Bait stops
- Glowing Sequins

Usual Price £16.50

All this gear for £12 and FREE Delivery

Please note Brands, colours and sizes may vary

Price: 12.00

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