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Robin Red Pellets 900g


Haith's Robin Red Is one of the best known carp attractions of all time.

With its distinct spicy smell and deep red colour coming from the natural food ingredients, it works perfect with fishmeal based baits and has accounted for big fish time and time again!!

Available in 4mm,6mm,8mm,12mm,15mm
Price: 4.75

Swim Stim Ground Bait


Swim Stim Groundbaits 900g

Swim Stim Groundbait combines Koi technology which has been developed to attract and hold Carp in your swim without over feeding them giving them a healthy nutritionally balanced diet. A top attractant favoured by UK Carp anglers  

Available in Red Krill, Amino and Black Amino
Price: 3.99

SwimStim Match Method Mix 2kg


Swim Stim Method Mix

The ultimate groundbait for catching Carp, F1's, Bream and Skimmers.

Originally developed to encourage prize winning Koi into feeding, the Swim Stim range has been designed by leading Koi feed specialists, producing a diet that is highly attractive and highly digestible. This tried and tested formula provides anglers with the benefits of enticing feeding fish into the area without over feeding, resulting in more fish on the bank. 

Containing premium fishmeal's Beta Glucans (for improved digestibility) as well as essential vitamins and minerals. You can be confident that you are using what we believe it the best ground bait and pellet range on the market.
Price: 6.99

Bio Glow Bait Elastic
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Bio Glow is a new concept in bait elastic that we have developed through studies and scientific research.

•Bio Glow has unique and secret formulated material that mimics natural looking patterns and light of Bioluminescence.

•Bio Glow glows once charged by normal sunlight or by a standard torch. It omits a yellow green glow and is used to mirror what the fish see naturally, which will then attract the fish towards your bait.

•We want Bio Glow bait elastic to be seen and glow.

•Bio Glow is loaded on 50 metre handy spools

Available in 0.1mm for delicate baits, 0.2mm for more robust baits and 0.m4m for tougher baits like Squid

Price: 2.89

Fresh Lug Worm


Fresh Lug Worm

Lug worm is a great all round bait for catching a variety of fish such as Bass, Cod, Flounder, Dabs and many more. A quick and easy bait to use, no elastic needed. Full of scent so fish are easily attracted to it. Simply take the worm and thread the whole thing on the hook and up the line so that the point of the hook is clearly shown.

Comes in packs of 50.
Price: 11.00

Harbour Rag (Maddies)


Fresh Harbour Rag (Maddies, creepers, reds)

A Match anglers choice bait when targeting flat fish is estuary's but also deadly for bigger species when tipped off with. The Harbour rag is a smaller species of rag worm that has a lot a life to it and great scent. Simply head hook 4-5 on after the main bait and snip tails and dunk into the water just before you cast for optimum performance.

Comes in 1/4lb packs
Price: 6.50

Cod Botherer Hoodie


The original Rite Gear designed Cod Botherer hoodies
Price: 29.99

Live Peeler Crab


50 Live Peeler Crab packed and shipped in polybox
Price: 47.50
Out of Stock

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