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Vega Potenza Premium 4.2m 120g-300g


Potenza Premium 4.2m 120g-300g

This is a powerful continental rod and yet forgiving with a casting weight of upto 300g. It is made from High Modulas Nanoflex Carbon. This rod can be used in a multidue of venues and suits any angler. Even a light chuck will fling your lead a long way. The rod is equipped with a Fuji Reel Seat and SIC guides and has a very reasonable price tag to go with it.

Price: 134.99

Vega Yamada Surf 4.5m 150g-250g


Vega Yamada Surf 4.5m 150g-250g

This thin fast action rod has a sensitive tip and can still cast up to 250g, although it better suits the lighter end of the range. The rod is made from nano-carbon structure and has a hybrid tip to give great bite detection. Fitted with Fuji reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides. 

Price: 194.99

LED X Lighting Strip
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LED X available in 3 colours

  • 1m LED strips 
  • 3 AA disposable batteries (not included) to fit battery unit
  • 4.5 volts
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Customisable – can be cut to required length
Price: 14.99

Vega Potenza Hardcore 4.5m 150-250g
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The Vega Potenza rods are the flagship models from the Portuguese company.
Built using Hi-Modulus SHM Nanocarbon and equipped with a full set of genuine Fuji Alconite Low Riders and a Fuji reel seat, these are a very high spec rod, and yet command a more humble price point.

The white Hardcore is a fantastic casting rod. It still has a hybrid tip to offer good bite detection, but is a more sturdy tip than others, giving the same feel in the cast as a tubular tipped rod. The recovery of the blank is superb, propelling your lead away to big distances with little effort.

Price: 309.00

penn surfblaster 7000


 Long Stroke Forged Aluminium Spool

Fully Salt Water resistent

Smooth ‘quick' turn drag system

Machined Aluminium Handle

7+1 Stainless steel ball bearings

Slow Oscillation
Price: 89.99

Carp Starter Kit


Carp Starter Kit

All you need to get into Carp fishing

Included in this bundle:
- Unhooking mat
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Method Feeder and Mould
- Syntra Mainline
- Bite Alarm
- Bait Stops
- Safety Clips
- 2 x Hair rigs
- Glow in Dark Artificial Corn
- 2 x Back Lead
- Ledger Stops
- Baiting Needle Set
- Rig Tubing 
- Rear Rod Rest
- 3 x Ledger Weights 
- Method Feeder Cage 

All this would normally cost you nearly £70

In this deal you will get all this for £55 +P&P

And a FREE DVD  

Please note colours, sizes and brands may vary
Price: 55.00

Float Fishing Starter Kit


Float Fishing Starter Kit 

All you need to get into Float fishing.

Included in this Bundle:
- Catapult
- Neoglow Maggots
- Depth Plumb
- Syntra Mainline
- Forceps
- Scissors
- Pack of floats
- Disgorger
- Maggot Feeder
- Splitshot
- Butterfly Rod Rest
- Butt Rod Rest
- Artifical Corn
- 2 packs of Kamasan B911
- Maggot/Bait box

All this would normally cost you in excess of £45.

With this offer it is £35 + p&p

Please note colours, size and brands may vary
Price: 35.00

S.A.M.F Match Measure


S.A.M.F Match Measure 

Official ruler used to measure your fish. 

Available in 45cm or 100cm (1m)

Price: 6.99

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