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Breakaway Saddle Clamp


The most advanced coaster available, The contoured body gives more room and protection for your fingers and stability to the reel. When using over shrink tube butts put some whopper dropper catapult elastic over the reel foot this makes for a really solid grip a section of the rubber can be used as a grip to hold down reel during casting.
Price: 8.99



Stainless steel oval splits in-expensive top and bottom quick change clip, safe for the most powerful casters. Made from stainless steel wire.
Price: 1.20

Breakaway Swivel Tees 10pk


Swivel tees are the modern day three way swivel that stops snood lengths becomming tangled or twisted because unlike a three way swivel these work in all directions.No need for knots just position onto line and crimp into position. Ideal for all sea traces and used in helicopter carp rigs. 10 tees and swivels per packet
Price: 1.60

kamasan B900c pack of hooks


The Kamasan B900c is a specialist pattern specifically designed for soft peeler crab. The reversed point, neat barb and limerick bend produce a hook which is mechanically very strong and will provide a perfect presentation and excellent penetration.
Price: 2.20

kamasan B940 Aberdeen Short Shank pack of hooks


The Kamasan B940s is a very versatile hook. The Short Shank and classic Aberdeen shape ensure it is not only very strong but can also be used for a variety of baits and fishing situations. Excellent presentation can be achieved for baits such as crab, mussels, fish baits and worms. Perfect for a wide range of species like Cod, Coalfish, Wrasse, Ray, Bass and Pollock.

Price: 2.20

Kamasan B940u Uptide pack of hooks


The Kamasan B950u is extra strong forged uptide hook finished in a corrosion resistant bronze ideal for rough ground shore fishing, big fish hunters and boat anglers. The special shape and full barb ensure baits such as peeler crab, mussels, worm and fish baits are presented perfectly. Suitable for heavy ground Cod, specimen Bass and heavy weight Rays

Price: 1.80

Gamakatsu F31 Hooks


Gamakatsu F31 as used by many England internationals, a top class hook which comes in packs of 25
Price: 4.99



10 packs of the finest black worm, wrapped in newspaper, perfect bait every time.
totalling 100 worm  please choose whether you want fresh or frozen shipping out

THIS PRICE INCLUSIVE £10 DELIVERY which makes the worm £3 per pack of ten.
List Price: 55.00
Price: 40.00
Out of Stock

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