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Rite Gear Ltd Proudly Support Fishing North East

Our products

Weighted Multi Function Floats
Our Weighted clip on floats come in two colours and 4 different sizes with many ways to use them for both Course and Sea fishing

Uses include:
-  As a sliding float
- Clipped to adjust depth
- Control float when surface fishing
- Easy to change hook lengths with clip underneath

Ideal for Coarse fishing at distance when for taking carp off the top or normal float fishing.

For Sea fishing it is perfect for Garfish and can also be used as a slider while bottom fishing  and can also be used as a standard weighted float.
Tronixpro Casting Float

Weighted floats so that you can fish with ease over those snaggy areas. Also great for fishing in close clear water for species such as Garfish.
Gemini Genie® Floating Beads - Spotted (10)

Gemini Genie Floating Beads Spotted packs of 10 beads, great for attracting flat fish such as Flounder, Dabs and Plaice.

  • G3521/6 £2.10 6mm (10)
  • G3521/8 £2.10 8mm (10)
  • G3521/10 £2.10 10mm (10)

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